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Privacy Policy

Your privacy is very important. Here is exactly how your data is used:

  1. We do not use cookies or any other tracking technology.
  2. We do not collect any personal, contact, network, or location information.
  3. We do not collect information about your actual phone calls, text messages, or any other phone activity. In other words, we only record that you sent a number to your phone; not that you actually called it.
  4. We do not collect information about your web browsing activity. We do not track what websites you visit, or where the phone links you clicked came from.
  5. Sent numbers will be stored on our server so that we can send the number to your phone. For technical and security reasons, we cannot send directly from the PC app to your phone.
  6. Sent numbers will be kept for 30 days so that they can appear in the "Call History" screen in all Dial-a-Phone apps.
  7. We do collect a unique identifier for every phone paired to the PC app so we know which phones to send numbers to.
  8. We do collect basic computer and phone information, such as Device name, OS name, and version to help us fix us any technical issues (crashes) and roll into anonymous usage statistics (which are also private).
  9. If the app crashes, we will receive a crash report with the same basic computer or phone information to help us fix it.
  10. No data is shared with anyone (no advertisers, no social media, etc.) except as required by law.

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